Do you read regularly? Do you know there are more important and life-saving reasons to read a book regularly? We are here to change the reader's narrative. Welcome to The Reading Gym Nigeria, where we read to keep our brains healthy and keep it functioning optimally. No, it's not only books, there are other lifestyle adjustments to be made, and they are so easy to adopt. Read more
Are you physically and cognitively fit? Are life's stresses pulling you down? Brain fog? Insomnia? There are simple lifestyle adjustments you can adopt. Your brain is connected to every single part of your body, as you keep your body fit, so too must your keep your brain fit. Read more
Picture highlights of the Childpreneur Bootcamp 2017. It was four fun-filled, interesting, unraveling days discussing the "Minipreneur" Book written by Olanrewaju Oniyitan. Group A with team members Adesope Adisa, Tolulope Abolade, Abdullah Subair, Abdullah Imran, and AbdurRahman Agboola-Osho came first with their business plans for a packaging company called HANNE (acronyms for their first names). Read more




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