About Us

"The Reading Gym Nigeria is a distinct, out of the ordinary reading awareness club." Cognitive Wellness is our mantra.....and YOU are our priority!


We are so excited to have you stop by!

Books are Brain Food!

Yes, you read right. And that's our specialty......we are all about reading, and everyone is invited,  kids, mummy and daddy. 

We are your atypical book club. Our whole ethos is on providing the right books for the right minds, and equipping a reader’s literacy support system with the proper skills needed for effortless reading.

This is because we strongly believe that reading is one of the means to wholistic well-being, therefore we teach the processes that would lead to improved reading and literacy outcomes. This improves literacy by making reading easy, accessible, enjoyable and learner centered.

Reading is the main activity we provide to get you actively involved in sharpening and maintaining your cognitive (memory and learning) capabilities. So we don’t only provide access to books via our library services, reading sessions and sales, we also teach children how to read and understand words from the foundation stage, we have games and activities, and also organize seminars and workshops. And we will keep innovating new ways to keep brains growing strong.


But that's not all we do......There comes a point in life, for most people, when we just loose that initial, fearless thirst "to know", to read. You just find that your life is too choked up to even let you relax or pick up a book, and you just let it go. And by the time you realize it's the main tool you needed to keep your brain alert and healthy for your old age, it's already too late.

Meet our Game Changer - The Cognitive Wellness Package......we are proud to pioneer this and want to work with you, THE ADULT, THE PARENT, as we both focus on those things that complement your reading, let's take you through the extra things you need to do for optimal brain health. Check out our "6 Thumbs of Cognitive Wellness."


Join us in the campaign to provide easy access to books and a mobile library for poor communities in Nigeria via THE READING GYM NIGERIA BOOKMOBILE PROJECT.....5% of any payment made for purchases made at our SME MarketHub Store goes towards this project. Every child in a poor community has the same rights to quality education, let's keep doing more.


You can donate by contacting us via our CONTACT US form here