Brain Fitness


  • Thinking and expressing thoughts: brainstorming, debating, visualization exercises.
  • Unleash Your Creativity (UYC): when we think creatively, we exercise a part of the brain different from that used when we form emotions or logical thoughts. Examples here include, compositions in poetry, art, stories, etc; new innovations in ideas, business and society.
  • Mentally Stimulating Games: because games are one of the great ways to emulate some of our more primitive needs which aren't fulfilled in everyday modern life, we tend to have everyone love games. Examples include word games, puzzles, memory reliant games, chess, cards, teamwork games, etc.

  • Taking note of the world around you: paying attention to details in your environment, including the most minuscule sensation is fantastic mental stimulation. Traveling and exploring new places falls here, and trying to new things is generally a good way to achieve mental stimulation.
  • Learning new things: when we learn new stuff, we are giving our brain a rigorous workout. It could be a new language, a new topic, new subject, new skill, etc. Go all out, learn to write with your other hand or feet!
  • Reading: our favourite, here, at The Reading Gym. Reading causes specific areas in the brain to jump into action, firing electrical impulses through your brain.
  • DIYs: fixing things, building things, working out how they work, and putting them back together again are all wonderful ways to keep the brain in shape.
  • Sense exercises: this isn't only necessary in nursery school Montessori, you can also put your taste buds into practice by checking out new cuisine. Train your senses of smell, hearing touch and even sight to stimulate your brain.






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