Cognitive Wellness Center


Cognitive health is very important. It is our ability to think, learn and remember. It is also the basis for how we reason, make judgements, concentrate, plan and organize. Most importantly, it contributes to our overall health and helps with healthy aging.

At The Reading Gym Nigeria, we focus on using reading as the main approach to helping children maintain optimal cognitive functions; while our cognitive wellness center is mainly for adults.  We aim to sensitize our adult clients on the importance of a wholistic approach to optimal cognitive wellness and the advantages of starting NOW, for a brighter and more enjoyable old age period….afterall, retirement shouldn’t be only about pensions – you can’t enjoy your pension if your cognition isn’t healthy!

We also know that neuro-degenerative brain changes begin by middle age, and so does cognitive decline (brain function starts declining by age 40), underscoring the need for lifelong preventive brain maintenance. It’s time to stop thinking that only the kids need to develop their brains.

YES, we care about your selection of reads, your reading experience and your cognitive wellness.

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We are developing an awesome database to enrich your knowledge in this area so keep checking in as we update new information. And YES! We have products to assist and enhance mental productivity Click here to go to our Cognitive Wellness Store.

Get to know more about your brain and cognition; and why you need to look after it as you would your physical body. You can start by getting your own personalized brain report from Cambridge Brain Sciences, it’s an online tool to measure and optimize your brain so you can live a more fulfilling life… the button to get yours now!

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