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Welcome to our store. Here, you will find appropriate books for children, teens and adults; interesting reads and reference books; Single items from our cognitive package, aromatherapy items, and other stress relief products that we introduce to the programme.

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Cognitive Wellness Center

Welcome to our Cognitive Wellness Center

At The Reading Gym Nigeria, we focus on using reading as the main approach to helping children maintain optimal cognitive functions; while our cognitive wellness center is mainly for adults.  We aim to sensitize our adult clients on the importance of a wholistic approach to optimal cognitive wellness and the advantages of starting NOW, for a brighter and more enjoyable old age period….afterall, retirement shouldn’t be only about pensions – you can’t enjoy your pension if your cognition isn’t healthy!

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Reading & Cognitive Wellness Club Services

Welcome to our Reading & Cognitive Wellness Club.

We are putting together therapy sessions to aid your cognition, sleep hacking, meditation, special nutrition classes, and other aspects from the 6 thumbs of cognitive wellness. Our goal is to get you to learn to relax with or without books, but you must endeavour to read our monthly picks. Subscriptions are essential to take part in the sessions. We will roll out our timetable and fee information soon.

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